The Most Beneficial Courses Post Commerce Graduation

Once you have completed your commerce graduation, you may be confused what to do next. Someone may come upto you and tell you that ITM PGDM courses have a lot of scope while someone else may tell you to go a traditional way by doing chartered accountancy. You need to select your profession based on your likings and your skills. Here are some of the best options for post-graduation courses for commerce graduates:

ITM PGDM In Financial Markets

The ITM Institute offers a post graduate diploma course in Financial Markets (ITM PGDM) and it is a great option for commerce graduates. It opens up multiple avenues and job opportunities in India and abroad.


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Chartered Accountancy Course

This is one of the most traditional choices of all commerce graduates. A chartered accountancy course enables you to work as a chartered account with a firm or even practice independently. Pursue this course if you have a finance brain and a love for accountancy.

Apply to Be A Banker

There are many competitive exams held nationwide for jobs in different banks and financial organisations. You may prepare and appear for these after completing your commerce graduation. A job in a bank offers many benefits like fixed work hours, decent number of holidays and respect.

Financial Advisor

Yes, commerce graduates also have scope in the legal sector. They can work as legal and financial advisors. This post is not just exciting but also well paying.

People who excel in the commerce field tend to do very well and get jobs in big companies and firms. The commerce graduate has proficiency in Mathematics and Accounting. Finance Experts are required in ever field. When you acquire degrees from top colleges like the ITM Institute, you can be assured of your dream job and best pay.